Sealand vs Alderney Football Result

Sealand vs Alderney Football Result

29-Aug-2012 So the Sealand team landed sideways and travelled to the ground via a fine coach! 
The game began with some strong challenges going in from both teams! 
Alderney took the lead from a set piece which resulted in the Sealand goalkeeper Tom McIntosh being knocked out! 
After being replaced Sealand battled in the windy conditions and went into half time 1-0 down! 
The dressing room was fiery with Skip
per Ralph Little psyching the team up to up their efforts! 
The second began positive and Sealand were on top! 
A big header from Baron Chay Press, Daryl Moore was through and slotted past the keeper.......... 1-1 Game on!!!!!!
Both teams battled well and Full time came.........
Baron Chay Press steps up first and misses! 
Sealand are under pressure....... after some cool heads Man of the match Tom McIntosh makes a great save and then steps up to take a fantastic penalty! 

Alderney need to score to stay in the game..............

They miss!!! Sealand win the The Bavaria Cup!!!!!!


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