Official Notices

Principality Notice PN 021/04: International sporting activities


The Principality is proud to announce the formation and operation of its international football team, hosted by the Danish football team in Vestbjerg. The team has played one match Checkia [drawn 2-2] and is scheduled for an international match with Aaland later this spring. We are proud to have such a skilled group of players carrying our flag and representing our country and wish them well at their next match.

Further details of our football team will be available soon.


The Principality was pleased to bestow the honour of Athleta Principalitas in July of last year upon Darren Blackburn of Canada, who is charged with representing our State in athletic events of an appropriate kind. Mr. Blackburn recently completed a marathon in Toronto on behalf of our citizens, and will be competing soon in another, Sporting Life 10km, also to be held in Toronto in May of this year. We wish him every success, and extend our sincere thanks to his support staff and team members.

Further queries to the Bureau of Internal Affairs ([email protected]), Principality of Sealand, SEALAND 1001 (c/o Sealand Post Bag, IP11 9SZ, UK)