Holding The Fort by Michael of Sealand

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Holding The Fort by Michael of Sealand
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“Holding The Fort”, written by Prince Michael of Sealand, the true story of his unbelievable adventures over the last 50 years on Sealand.

The book uncovers the truth behind Michael’s kidnap by armed terrorists, his family setting up their own island nation, government sieges, top secret government documents and multiple attempts to bring an end to the Sealand dream. The book includes previously unseen photos from his family’s personal collection.

“The story of Sealand is stranger than fiction, better than Hollywood and more surreal than Dali” – Ben Fogle (Adventurer, author and broadcaster)

“When a story features sawn-off shotguns, dawn helicopter raids, pistol whippings, temperamental generators, shady tax accountants, devious gangsters and at least one flying headbutt to the bridge of the nose, ‘romantic’ probably isn’t the word that springs instantly to mind. Especially when at the heart of that story is an outwardly charmless, forbidding structure way out in the cold and dark of the North Sea.
Yet the story of the Principality of Sealand is a patently romantic one. It’s a classic case of the underdog kicking against authority and winning; a heartwarming narrative of battling the odds that’s grounded in good old- fashioned British eccentricity. It’s a riproaring yarn, a classic Boy’s Own tale related here by the boy himself, Michael of Sealand, with verve, wit and panache. But look beneath the surface, beyond the guns and dastardly plots, and you learn from these pages that Sealand is also a story of family; of loyalty, respect and devotion flowing between generations and filtered through this tiny principality off the Essex coast; channeled through the dreams, hopes and stubborn stand against seemingly impossible odds of the Bates family.
The story of Sealand is like an Ealing comedy crossed with a Bond film and scripted by John Le Carré. It’s a story that has often been swathed in myth and blighted by rumour, but here, at last, is the definitive tale from the man best qualified to tell it. And he tells it very well indeed.” – Charlie Connelly. Charlie is a bestselling writer and award-winning broadcaster. His books include Attention all shipping.

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5 out of 5 stars

4 reviews

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4 reviews with a 5-star rating

  1. Steve O'Connell

    5 out of 5 What a yarn!

    Michael writes in a way that makes for easy reading and the story flows. At times I had to remind myself that Holding the Fort is an autobiography rather than a novel penned by the likes of Chris Ryan/Andy Mcnab. I found the book entertaining; educational to a certain degree – who would have known how or why the British waters boundary was set at 3 miles – and a thoroughly good read! I would recommend this book to anyone interested in finding out what happens when 1 family takes on the establishment!

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  2. Rachel Ramsay

    5 out of 5 A superb book of brave and noble adventures !!

    The adventures of Prince Micheal filled ‘Holding the fort’ with memoirs of difficult and often dangerous times,which at times made me wonder if they came from a very creative mind but due to the wonderful world of the Internet his stories can be cross referenced with actual factual accounts proving Micheal Bates had a dynamic and intriguing life also with many a days spent isolated in Sealand . A world away from the idle lives of the youth of 60s and 70s would ever have dreamed of as the micro nation of Sealand,with its swashbuckling adventures… Prince Micheal relives story’s of his past bringing his late fathers memory alive with passion and an admirable love, starting from life at a young age to present day accounts,Prince Micheal sets the scenes that transports the reader to the very moment in time,amidst stories of swash buckling real life bond adventures. you will also feel the loyalty the prince had for his family…’Holding the fort’ is a must read for Sealand fans and adventure lovers !!! I have one thing to add…”IWANT TO GO TO SEALAND !!!

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  3. David Hawker

    5 out of 5 "Holding the Fort" is the gripping account of the creation of Sealand,

    Born by an enforced Caesarian in the 1960s, Sealand remains an iconic bastion of fortitude and courage against the odds even some 50 years on. Sealand’s saga, narrated by its closest insider, tells of the rumbustious infancy, troubled teenage and early maturity of a tiny State which, against all the odds, confronted and overcome the concentrated powers and forces of a thoroughly hostile British Government. This is, in truth, a modern day tale of an epic David and Goliath struggle. Holding the Fort is written compellingly, with gusto, humour and pathos, by a natural raconteur. Just as with Sealand itself, Holding the Fort should be known to and enjoyed by a far wider audience than the British Government would, even now, prefer.

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  4. Danielle N.

    5 out of 5 An absolute page turner/gripping story

    An excellent book combining heavy topics and adventure. It is a remarkable story that you will want to share with others.

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"Holding The Fort", written by Prince Michael of Sealand, the true story of his unbelievable adventures over the last 50 years on Sealand. 
“The story of Sealand is stranger than fiction, better than Hollywood and more surreal than Dali” 
- Ben Fogle (Adventurer, author and broadcaster)
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