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The Principality of Sealand has always prided itself on promoting the right to freedom. It was Prince Roy’s vision for starting the Principality in the first place.

We began to look into issues surrounding Internet privacy after several individuals approached us from around the world; all disheartened by the lack of transparency and accountability around communication surveillance. If this is not something you had even considered before then it’s something without doubt you should get to know the available facts about.

It has recently been heavily documented in the press that your information is being seized and collated in a dragnet approach under the guise of national security. Your information and logs of your online actions may be kept for extraordinary lengths of time (sometimes indefinitely), without any reasonable justification. You don’t expect every letter you send in the post to be opened prior to arrival, so why is it acceptable to expect less privacy from actions you take online?

Due to the increasing demand for greater Internet Privacy and security, we have been in the process for the past year of re-launching HavenCo (www.havenco.com). However, with a new approach…

We will be offering a comprehensive solution to your online privacy needs by giving you the tools to make your information secure and private.

HavenCo Services:

VPN (Virtual Private Network)
Every website you visit leaves a unique footprint that can be traced back to you. Set our VPN service to activate when you connect to the Internet and you will connect to the Internet through one of our servers and avoid leaving a trail.


Online Cloud Storage
If you encrypt your data correctly only you will have access to it. We help to encrypt your data at your side so not even we can see your stored files (unlike most online cloud storage).


For the more technically minded we will be offering hosting packages.


Disaster Recovery & Cold Storage on Sealand (Coming 2014)
We will be giving the opportunity to have a secure backup of your information stored in the Principality of Sealand.

More information is available about all of our services at www.havenco.com

Our aim is to offer a service to allow every law abiding individual the right to avoid being caught in the dragnet of suspicion. We’ve heard it said “If you’re doing nothing wrong then what do you have to hide?”…. Then it follows why would you close the curtains in your own home? It’s not that you have something to hide, it’s that you choose to keep it private and personal.

We urge that you take control of you and your family’s online protection. By choosing to use HavenCo’s services; we believe we offer the most comprehensive security/privacy available and you will also be contributing to the future of the Principality.

If you don’t want your information scrutinised at someone else’s discretion then join the movement towards stronger Internet privacy.

HavenCo beta services are now up and running.

For 2 months FREE storage and VPN please go to www.havenco.com, sign up for the mailing list and we’ll get a coupon out to you!


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