Sealand Notices

Legal Opinions

  1. Legal Opinion on Sealand Statehood by Jacobo Rios Roddrigues – Senior Lecturer in Public Law at University of Perpignan Via Domitia
  2. Legal opinion on the international status of the State Sealand – Dr Bela Vitanyi, Professor of Public International Law 

Notices to Mariners

  1. NOTM 029/06: Modification of declared Exclusion Zone
  2. NOTM 033/06: Principality Weather and Maritime Radio Service

Notices to Airmen

  1. NOTM 010/01: National heliport restrictions 

Sealand News

  1. Principality Notice 017/02: Visits to the Principality
  2. Principality Notice PN 019/04: Fraudulent representation of Principality 
  3. Principality Notice PN 022/04: International Cultural Activities
  4. Principality Notice PN 025/04: International Cultural Activities update
  5. Principality Notice PN 033/07: Call for inward investment in the Principality
  6. Principality Notice PN 036/07: Persons seeking general visits of residence
  7. Principality Notice PN 037/10: Update of visit and immigration regulations
  8. Principality Notice PN 038/12: Comptroller of State Bank

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