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Founded in 1967 as a sovereign principality, Sealand is located in international waters just seven miles off the eastern shores of Britain. The smallest state in the world, it is a celebration of independence and individuality, which is why we believe that people should be able to hold any title that they aspire to.

We offer a unique service: selling the right to call yourself a lord or lady, baron or baroness, a count or countess, or even a duke or duchess. If you have ever dreamed of being able to label yourself thus, we can make this a reality for you.

Lots of people have taken advantage of the Sealand titles to help them achieve their long-held aspiration of claiming a royal title, with Ed Sheeran himself holding the rank of Baron of Sealand since 2012. Other celebrities who have purchased titles include lauded names like Jeremy Clarkson, Ralf Little, George Stroumboulopoulos and more…

This is why we give those who come to us the choice of four different noble ranks: lord or lady, baron or baroness, count or countess, and duke or duchess.

Becoming a Lord or Lady

Becoming a lord or lady means obtaining the lowest rank of peerage, and such titles can be yours for just £29.99. Giving you the chance to style yourself as such on any future documentation, this represents the achievement of a life-long dream for many.

How To Become a Lord or Lady Get Your Noble Title Today!

become a lord or lady

Becoming a Baron or Baroness

In traditional parlance, a baron is a title of honour. Conferring real prestige on those who hold it, it is sure to have your peers looking at you with a new-found respect, and it can be yours for just £59.99. Should you choose to obtain it, you’ll certainly be in good company, with numerous members of the royal family styled as such, including Prince Charles, Baron of Renfrew; Prince William, Baron Carrickfergus, and Prince Andrew, Baron Killyleagh.

How To Become a Baron or Baroness Get Your Noble Title Today!

Become a baron or baroness

Becoming a Count or Countess

Count or countess is a rank recognised throughout Europe, typically coming just below dukes, who hold the highest rank of nobility. Carrying a great degree of gravitas with it, such titles are traditionally associated with great wealth and power, lending real prestige to those who can count themselves as such. With our assistance, you could of course be among them – for a price of just £199.99. This would place you in a class that traditionally includes not just the nobility, but many former prime ministers elevated to it, including Harold Macmillan and Margaret Thatcher.

Get Your Noble Title Today!

Becoming a Duke or Duchess

Dukes and duchesses are the most highly ranking nobles in existence, with only the monarch themselves holding a more elevated and exalted position in society. The queen herself claims such a title, being both the Duke of Normandy and the Duke of Lancaster, and you can join her in this, for a one-time cost of just £499.99. Should you too wish to count amongst the most powerful and prestigious class in society, then seize your opportunity today with the help of the Principality of Sealand.

Get Your Noble Title Today!

Buy Your Noble Title Today!

If you have ever wished to count yourself amongst the most respected and envied in existence – the nobility – we can offer you the solution you’ve been searching for. Become one of our number today, and you’ll never have to sign yourself as a mere ‘Mr’ or ‘Mrs’ again.

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